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Foods That Increase Sex Drive

Foods That Increase Sex Drive

On February 05, 2015 | Comments: 0
Are there times that you noticed that you and your partner do not have that mood in bed anymore? Now here's a biggie, you were both from busy daily career life and stress is upon you and a night to be with the kids. A big block to your night in bed, isn't it?

You may think that you have lost that sizzle in your sex life, but it is not yet late and you can still put that libido back into your life. According to studies, there are certain foods and the nutrients you get from them can help power up sexual desire and put back that spicy hot relationship with your partner.

Here are some top notch foods that you and your partner may include in your platter for sensual stimulants to set you both up in the mood:

• Strawberries - this fruit is linked to the higher count of sperms in men because of the vitamin C and antioxidants it contains. Berries help transform your mind-set to be in the mood and not only that, you can also have a chocolate dip with it which is full of methylxanthines to further activate your libido as well.

• Watermelon - it is a known summer fruit that contains libido-boosting phytonutrient called citrulline, which, when taken, the body converts to arginine that relaxes blood vessels just like what the erectile drug Viagra does. Watermelon helps perk up blood flow to the erectile tissues, thus, increases arousal.

• Avocados - these superfruits, which in the Aztecs language, its name meant "testicle" because of its shape, have sexual benefits. They are high in vitamin E, antioxidants, potassium that helps regulate the thyroid gland of women and vitamin B6 that increases male hormones.

• Figs - it's just a simple food, but can certainly stimulate fertility and enhance pheromone secretion. It is rich in amino acids that increases libido and improve your sexual stamina.

• Saffron - although pricey (as much as $50-$300 per ounce), this seductive spice is surely a treat to your sex drive because of its aphrodisiac properties. It has antioxidants like crocetin, crocin and safranal, which are responsible for intensifying arousal and sexual desire as the blood flow to the sexual organs increases after eating the spice. Other spices that may also have promising sexual potency are nutmeg, garlic, cloves, and ginger.

• Almonds - these healthy nuts are rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3) and zinc for production of sex hormones and boost libido; selenium which helps with infertility problems; and vitamin E. Not only that, almonds have a good smell that arouses passion in women.

• Eggs - these are a good source of L-arginine, an amino acid that is effective in treating erectile dysfunction and types of heart diseases. It's high in protein that is good for stamina, Vitamin B6 and B5 that balance hormones level and fight against stress. Some eat raw eggs in order to get maximum energy and to increase libido.


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