Recipes for Special Occasions

    • Bacon-balsamic deviled eggs

      Bacon-balsamic deviled eggs

      Mariene A. on July 03, 2014
      A perfect appetizer dish for an Easter feast. Guests will surely love these treats!...
    • Adare Manor Scones

      Adare Manor Scones

      Mariene A. on July 11, 2014
      Enjoy these delicious and delightful scones that suits best for your brunch recipes on Easter or any Holidays. ...
    • Kesari Bhat

      Kesari Bhat

      Mariene A. on August 27, 2014
      Rice based Indian dessert is full of flavors! Perfect for easter! Enjoy!...
    • Simnel Cake

      Simnel Cake

      Mariene A. on September 09, 2014
      Dry fruit cake layered with marzipan. One of the most popular Easter bakes. Enjoy!...

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